I Fashion Start Up


Master – Milan

More and more fashion students from all over the world have the desire to launch their own brand by creating a new company. The lack of preparation for entrepreneurship and the fashion system in general are often the main causes of failure of new businesses.

There is a need to create a course that can provide business tools and methodologies to support the new fashion business start-uppers and reduce the risks involved in designing, building and launching a new brand, fashion or luxury company.

If we look closely at the latest statistics on why start-ups fail, we notice that more than 70% of failures are not related to lack of money, but actually to not understanding the value chain and business model. There is clearly a need to better educate future entrepreneurs so that they can gain management skills and give them a chance to succeed.

Okay, you have your new collection or product ready, do you believe in it so much that you are willing to invest time and money to start a new journey and become an entrepreneur? Your talent is vital and your determination too, but you need the right tools to be equipped with all the knowledge needed to become a fashion and luxury entrepreneur.

Creating a new fashion and luxury company, making it profitable, attracting investors to fund your ideas and generating revenue can be seen as something very difficult or impossible, but you are often very close to turning dreams into reality.

We are living in one of the fastest periods of transformation in human history, new opportunities emerge every second and customers are constantly changing their needs.

Fashion Business follows specific rules and no one should start a new adventure without understanding how they work and how to apply them to maximize results.

Fashion is one of the rare economic success stories of the last decade. In that time, the industry has grown by 5.5% per year, according to the McKinsey Global Fashion Index, and is now worth about $2.4 trillion. Not only does it reach many, but it would be the seventh-largest economy in the world if ranked next to the GDP of individual countries.


  • Location: Milan
  • Course Beginning: October
  • Duration: 1 Year


The Master is dedicated to students who have got previous school or work experience in the Fashion / Luxury sector and who are planning to create their own brand or want to develop a new business idea in these markets.



  • Minimum age 21 years
  • Previous school or work experience in the Fashion / Luxury area
  • Business idea


The main purpose of this Master is to support the future entrepreneur in the development of his business idea and in the financial and productive planning of his project.

The course will take place with the use of the real Case Study brought by each participant and will have as final output the complete business plan to launch the start-up and find the necessary resources.

Specifically, the program will allow to:

  • Understanding the fashion ecosystem
  • Design a business model to support a new start-up in fashion and luxury
  • Prepare a business plan to guide the start-up and communicate to the market
  • Understand how distribution channels work and how to create the right mix of channels
  • Learn and apply digital marketing strategies to support sales in the digital age
  • Designing a customer experience suited to brand positioning and strategy
  • Learn how to present ideas and projects, understand the art of storytelling and improve presentation skills
  • Learn how to find the right producers, suppliers, showrooms, buyers, etc.
  • Understand how to manage the legal aspects of the company


The ultimate goal of the Master in Fashion Start-Up is to be able to launch its own initiative and carry out its project in the Fashion and Luxury sector.


  • Market And Trend Analysis
  • Fashion Law
  • Business Model
  • Target Consumer
  • Naming And Visual Identity
  • Collection Development
  • Production
  • Pr And Communication
  • Digital And Influencer Marketing
  • Distribution Channels (Wholesale)
  • Customer Service And Logistics
  • Retail Network
  • Finance
  • Timing And Business Plan


Teachers schedule quarterly verification tests, following the progress of the study plan so as to constantly monitor the students’ performance and to be able to help them in case of difficulties or delays in the study program.

Once the course program has been successfully completed, the student can access the final exam to obtain the Master Certificate in Fashion Start-Up.