Professional Course

Alta Sartoria

Course Details

Location: Milan

Duration: 3 academic years

Start: October 2024

Classes: max 10 students

Language: Italian/English

Explore craftsmanship in Made in Italy through advanced tailoring training and learn to create high-fashion garments.

This three-year course is an extraordinary opportunity for fashion and craftsmanship enthusiasts who wish to craft bespoke clothing that embodies elegance and sophistication. Learn traditional and innovative techniques that will transform your passion for fashion into a rewarding and prestigious profession.

Main topics

Tailoring and Patternmaking

  • Prêt-à-porter and haute couture tailoring
  • Basic and advanced pattern making
  • Traditional tailoring techniques

Clothes Customization

  • Interpretation and development
  • Customization and tailoring
  • History of fashion and costume

Fashion Culture

  • Culture of materials
  • Mannequin manipulation
  • Study of silhouettes and fit

Discover the Tailor profession

A specialized high-fashion tailor is a luxury artisan who masters the art of creating garments of the highest quality and prestige. In the world of fashion and the textile industry, the specialized tailor is one of the most sought-after professionals for their ability to materialize the creative ideas through interpretative, manual, and extremely precise skills, combined with technical expertise related to forms, fabrics, and materials.

Target audience

The course is open to anyone with a passion for fashion and a particular interest in tailoring craftsmanship. The program is designed to adapt to the needs of each student, whether they are beginners or have previous experience in the industry, as the diversity of backgrounds will contribute to creating a rich and stimulating learning environment.

Educational aim

The course aims to train highly qualified tailors capable of managing the entire process of creating high-fashion and luxury prêt-à-porter garments. Students will acquire advanced skills in fabric selection, precision cutting, and sewing mastery. Additionally, they will develop aesthetic sensitivity and learn to collaborate with creatives to translate their needs into wearable masterpieces.

Admission requirements

  • Minimum age: 18 years

Professional prospects

The Tailoring course can open doors to various career prospects, including:

High Fashion Tailor

Create high-fashion and prêt-à-porter garments, applying traditional and innovative tailoring techniques.

Collaborator for Fashion Designers

Collaborate with fashion designers to develop high-end collections for prestigious brands.

Personal Style Consultant

Work directly with private clients to create a bespoke wardrobe that reflects their style and individuality.

Atelier Manager

Manage and lead high-fashion ateliers, overseeing the work of a team of tailors and pattern makers.


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