Fashion Photography
and Fashion Film

Course Details

Location: Milan

Duration: 1 academic years

Start: October 2024

Class size: max 10 students

Language: Italian – English

Explore the fascinating world of fashion and become a high-level Fashion Photographer. Delve into the history of great authors and refine your technical skills in fashion photography, opening yourself to an infinite source of inspiration and innovation that will translate into extraordinary visual communication projects.

Be prepared to capture the essence of elegance, collaborating with fashion stylists and makeup artists, and create high-quality photographic and multimedia projects that narrate contemporary fashion. Apply your skills to the needs of digital and e-commerce, gaining a comprehensive understanding of portfolio development, self-branding, and business aspects that define true specialists in fashion photography.

Main topics


  • Photographer’s Job
  • Photography Techniques
  • Lighting Photography


  • Fashion Authors Analysis
  • Editorials Design
  • Styling and Art Direction


  • Pre-production
  • Set Management
  • Shooting


  • Photo Editing
  • Post-production
  • Fashion Films

Discover the Fashion Photographer profession

The Fashion Photographer is the artist behind the lens, a visual storyteller who captures the essence of fashion with mastery and creativity. With a keen eye and impeccable technical skill, this professional transforms clothing, accessories, luxury products, and people into photographic works of art. Collaborating with model agencies, fashion stylists, and makeup artists, the fashion photographer goes beyond mere image capture; they create visual stories that convey emotions, style, and the dynamic innovation of the contemporary fashion world. Through a combination of advanced technical skills and a unique creative vision, the Fashion Photographer is a key player contributing to defining and characterizing the visual landscape of today’s fashion.

Fashion Immersion

The course offers students the unique opportunity to expand their horizons through external visits to various fashion-related locations in the city. The world capital of fashion, Milan, provides an ideal setting to experience unique and enriching opportunities. Milan’s dynamic ecosystem ensures students an abundance of opportunities to explore and engage with the various facets and cultural influences that have characterized photography applied to contemporary fashion. Additionally, students have the privilege of attending lectures by esteemed professionals and experts in the fields of Fashion Photography, styling, and fashion publishing. These interventions offer valuable insights, inspiration, and real-world experiences, enriching the understanding of the industry and providing students with practical knowledge to enhance their skills.

Target audience

The course is designed for photography enthusiasts eager to excel in the fashion industry. It offers advanced skills in photographic technique and a deep understanding of the fashion system, integrating the history of photography with contemporary fashion trends. The course aims to develop high-level photographic and multimedia projects, adapting skills to digital and e-commerce needs and introducing students to the management of business and self-promotion aspects.

Educational aim

The Master in Fashion Photography and Fashion Film is an engaging program designed to elevate a new generation of photographers capable of operating at a higher level in the fashion world. Through an understanding of the fashion system and an advanced technical approach, skills and knowledge necessary to create valuable visual narratives will be deepened. The course aims to explore the history of authors in the context of fashion photography, integrating this historical background with a refinement of technical skills. The goal is to open the mind to a source of inspiration and innovation to transform this knowledge into distinctive and creative contemporary photographic designs. The course actively combines photography and styling to create high-quality visual communication projects, narrating contemporary fashion, which will be disseminated through traditional communication channels and new media.

Admission requirements

  • Minimum age 21 years.
  • Previous academic and/or work experience in photography.
  • Personal professional camera.
  • Laptop with Adobe package (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign).
  • Additionally, a motivational letter, a portfolio (if available), and participation in an admission interview are required.

Career prospects

The Master in Fashion Photography and Fashion Film can open doors to various career prospects, including:

Fashion Event Photographer

Responsible for capturing key moments during fashion shows, presentations, and industry events. Your ability to capture unique details and convey the atmosphere of the event will contribute to creating a significant visual impact.

E-commerce Fashion Photographer

Your role will be to capture product images that stand out in the online context. You will work to create captivating and detailed photos that effectively showcase clothing and accessories, contributing to enhancing the online shopping experience.

Product Photographer for Fashion Brands

Responsible for creating high-quality images that highlight the details and style of products. You will work closely with marketing and design teams to ensure that the images reflect the brand’s vision and attract the target audience.

Celebrities Photographer

You will have the privilege of immortalizing public figures and celebrities. Your ability to capture authentic moments and create iconic images will help define the public image of prominent personalities.

Photographer for Fashion Magazines and Publishing

You will have the opportunity to create captivating images for specialized magazines and industry publications. Your creativity will contribute to defining trends and inspiring fashion enthusiasts.

Social Media Fashion Photographer

Your task will be to create engaging visual content for social media platforms. You will use your creativity to produce images that generate interest and interaction online, contributing to the brand’s digital presence in the world of social media.


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