Fashion Styling
and Art Direction

Course Details

Location: Milan

Duration: 1 academic years

Start: October 2024

Class size: max 10 students

Language: italian – english

Explore the realms of style, design, and visual storytelling. If you aspire to become a Fashion Stylist or Art Director with a leading creative force in the fashion industry, the Master in Fashion Stylist and Art Direction will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this highly competitive field.

The combination of styling and fashion shooting makes this program unique and specific, as through practical and theoretical training, you will learn the art of curating distinctive looks, creating compelling fashion narratives, and developing a keen eye for aesthetics.

Main topics


  • Fashion Styling
  • Art Direction
  • Shooting with Models


  • Visual Storytelling
  • Fashion Authors Analysis
  • Visual Analysis


  • Image Consulting
  • Concept Design
  • Professional Portfolio


  • Fashion Editing
  • Trend Analysis
  • Fashion Film

Discover the Fashion Stylist profession

The Fashion Stylist is a professional who works in the field of fashion, advertising, or the entertainment industry. They are a creative and Fashion expert whose primary role is to design and coordinate the visual image of individuals, models, celebrities, or products for companies. They are professionals with a broad understanding of the worlds of Art and Fashion, possessing a deep understanding and knowledge of current trends, various international brands, and their stylistic identities. The focal point of their activity is collaboration with photographers, art directors, and clients to ensure that the creative vision is interpreted correctly and translated into high-quality fashion images. Effective communication, attention to detail, and a developed artistic sensibility are key elements to excel in this profession. Versatility and creativity, coupled with a cultural background in art and the fashion world, are essential to adapt to the specific needs and requests of each project, thereby contributing to the success of the visual communication of fashion houses.

Fashion Immersion

The course offers students the unique opportunity to expand their horizons through external visits to various fashion-related locations in the city. The world capital of fashion, Milan, provides an ideal setting to experience unique and enriching opportunities. Milan’s dynamic ecosystem ensures students various opportunities to explore and engage with the international panorama the city offers through events, sector fairs, visits to museums, and events related to the worlds of Fashion and Design. Milan Fashion Week, Fuorisalone, Design Week, Art and Fashion Photography Exhibitions are some of the unmissable events for experiencing stimulating experiences that students can enjoy by studying in the heart of the fashion and design district of the city. Additionally, students have the privilege of attending lectures by esteemed professionals and experts in the fields of Fashion Editing, Fashion Styling, and fashion photography. These interventions offer valuable insights, inspiration, and real-life experiences, enriching the understanding of the industry and providing students with practical knowledge to enhance their skills.

Target audience

The course is designed for anyone who wishes to acquire knowledge and skills in visual communication design. It is suitable for those who want to develop their creativity in the field of fashion and learn the fundamental techniques for designing sophisticated visual communication strategies in the fashion industry.

Educational aim

The master’s program aims to elevate the quality and excellence of fashion styling. The primary goal is to cultivate in students the ability to use sophisticated languages and tools, aimed at anticipating and exceeding client expectations through a refined vision of fashion and a distinctive aesthetic taste. The educational pillars of the Master in Fashion Styling and Art Direction focus on a deep understanding of the dynamics of the fashion system, both nationally and globally. At the same time, the program aims to equip students with advanced methodological and instrumental skills essential for the design of visual communication strategies involving individuals, models, celebrities, or fashion companies, serving as authentic vehicles of corporate representation in a contemporary high-level context. Furthermore, the course provides a full awareness of fashion shootings, refining the ability to effectively manage and direct photo sessions in the context of fashion.

Admission requirements

  • Minimum age 21 years.
  • Knowledge of graphic software (Photoshop).
  • Previous academic and/or work experience in Fashion or Design areas.
  • Additionally, a motivational letter, a portfolio (if available), and participation in an admission interview are required.

Career prospects

The Master in Fashion Styling and Art Direction can open doors to various career prospects, including:

Fashion Stylist

Your role will be to shape the visual image through the art of combining clothing, accessories, and makeup. You will collaborate with photographers and art directors to create visual stories that reflect the brand. Your creativity and aesthetic sensitivity will contribute to defining industry styles and standards.

Celebrities Stylist

You will be responsible for curating the image of public figures through the choice of clothing and accessories. You will collaborate with agents and stylists to ensure that celebrities wear looks that reflect their personality and align with current trends.

Creative Director

You will be the main architect of the creative vision and artistic identity of the company. You will lead the creative process, collaborating with designers and photographers to ensure consistency and innovation in our projects.

Art Director

You will be responsible for the visual vision of creative projects. You will collaborate with designers, photographers, and other creatives to ensure visual harmony. Your guidance will contribute to defining the visual identity of a brand or project.

Image Consultant

You can provide advice on personal style, fashion, and image. You will collaborate with individual clients or companies, helping them improve their outward appearance, self-esteem, and professional presentation.

Content Creator

You will be responsible for creating visual and written content that supports marketing strategies. Your work will contribute to creating a captivating brand image and engaging the audience through various platforms.


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