Fashion & Luxury Management


Master – Milan

The Master in Fashion & Luxury Management offers in-depth training on strategies and skills to manage the business of high fashion and luxury at an international level. The program equips students with the knowledge needed to understand market trends and to develop and implement successful strategies in this ever-changing industry. Students will be prepared to face the challenges of the fashion and luxury sector, learning how to manage the production, distribution, communication, and promotion of high-end products, and developing a solid understanding of global market dynamics.


  • Location: Milan
  • Duration: 1 Year (Full Time/Weekend)
  • Course Beginning: October 2024
  • Language: ITA/ENG

Working in the fashion and luxury sector means being part of a dynamic and stimulating environment, where creativity, passion, and entrepreneurial vision are the key to success. This sector represents a great opportunity for those who love fashion, design, art, and culture, but also for those who want to acquire management and business skills. Those who work in the fashion and luxury sectors can work with high-end brands, travel, keep up with the latest trends, and meet people from all over the world. The Fashion & Luxury Management course offers students the opportunity to acquire high-level skills in management, marketing, and leadership, all of which are necessary to succeed in this competitive and exclusive sector.


The course is aimed at young graduates in related disciplines such as Business, Marketing, Economics, Luxury, and Fashion Management, as well as professionals in the sector who wish to deepen their knowledge and improve their skills. The program is also suitable for those who wish to transition from another area of ​​expertise to fashion and luxury and wish to gain in-depth knowledge of the industry.


  • Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about management and marketing strategies in the fashion and luxury sectors.
  • Understand the life cycle of products, from creation to market positioning.
  • Develop leadership and management skills to manage high-level brands.
  • Analyze the market and trends to identify customer needs and develop successful products.
  • Learn communication and brand promotion techniques through various marketing channels, such as advertising, digital marketing, and visual merchandising.
  • Acquire financial skills to manage the budget and financial planning of the brand.
  • Apply the acquired knowledge to practical projects and real-world case studies, to consolidate the skills acquired during the course.