Professional Course


Course Details

Location: Milan

Duration: 3 academic years

Start: October 2024

Classes: maximum of 10 students

Language: Italian

Explore the art of pattern making through specialized training that covers essential skills to become a professional in creating patterns and prototypes for clothing.

The course offers an accelerated path for those who wish to acquire advanced skills in designing and developing patterns for both women’s and men’s wardrobes. Learn traditional and innovative techniques that will transform your passion for fashion into a successful profession.

Main topics


  • Advanced pattern making
  • Design and development
  • Traditional and innovative design techniques

Technique and development

  • Prototyping
  • Fitting trials
  • Placement and cutting

Fashion Culture

  • History of fashion
  • History of costume
  • Textile culture

Discover the Patternmaker profession

The Patternmaker is a professional experienced in creating patterns and prototypes for all garments that make up a wardrobe. This expert not only designs patterns with precision but also possesses a deep understanding of contemporary fashion trends, knowledge of fabrics and materials, as well as a keen interpretative and developmental ability.

The Patternmaker is a technician capable of interpreting and translating the needs of the creative or client accurately, transforming sketches and drawings into three-dimensional models, respecting lines and proportions. They are perfectionists in detail and valuable collaborators for fashion designers, committed to transforming creative concepts into wearable masterpieces.

Target audience

The course is open to anyone with a passion for fashion and a desire to specialize in patternmaking. The program is designed to adapt to the needs of each student, whether they are beginners or have previous experience in the industry, as the diversity of backgrounds will contribute to creating a rich and stimulating learning environment.

Educational aim

The course aims to train highly qualified Patternmakers capable of managing the entire process of creating an individual garment as well as an entire collection. Students will acquire advanced skills in design, development, and prototyping, as well as gain abilities and knowledge useful for a correct and precise interpretation of the design. Additionally, they will develop aesthetic sensitivity and learn to collaborate with designers to transform ideas into three-dimensional models.

Admission requirements

  • Minimum age: 18 years

Professional prospects

The Modellistica course can open doors to various professional prospects, including:

Prototype Patternmaker

This role involves creating physical prototype patterns based on designer drawings, with adjustments and refinements to ensure optimal fit.

Production Patternmaker

This role involves creating patterns intended for mass production. The production patternmaker must consider factors such as production efficiency, repeatability, and cost optimization.

Responsible for curating the image of public figures through the choice of clothing and accessories. Collaborate with agents and stylists to ensure that celebrities wear looks that reflect their personality and fit current trends.

Fabric or Material Patternmaker

This patternmaker specializes in the selection and appropriate use of textile materials. They deal with understanding fabric characteristics, industry trends, and their practical application in garment design.

Freelance or Consultant Patternmaker

Some patternmakers work independently, offering their services as freelancers or consultants. They may be called to collaborate with different brands or projects, bringing their expertise to various design challenges.

Fit Manager

The fit manager works closely with the design and production team to ensure that garments have consistent fit and meet quality standards.

High Fashion Patternmaker

In this case, the pattern maker may work on high-fashion creations, often experimenting with complex designs, precious materials, and advanced craftsmanship techniques.


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