Who we are

Ferrari Fashion School is a Higher Education Institution founded in Milan in 2000 operating in post-diploma education and specializing in fashion, luxury and design.

The Academy is founded on a core set of fundamental values that guide and inspire all the activities of the entire community of students, faculty, staff and alumni: Quality, Professionalism, Ethics and Passion.

Ferrari Fashion School is today one of Europe’s leading fashion academies that combines its Italian roots with a strong international orientation to promote and enhance Made in Italy in Italy and around the world.

The Academy aims to design innovative and cutting-edge study paths in order to enable students to build their artistic and professional identity to excel in the dynamic fashion and design industry.

In 2023 Ferrari Fashion School, with an increasingly international focus, became an institutional partner of Teesside University expanding the educational offerings for students who will have the opportunity to enroll in Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees delivered in English and organized in accordance with the ECTS system.

Ferrari Fashion School is part of Plena Education Group: an exclusive High Arts Education platform based in Italy whose goal is to build an “Education Hub” including different types of schools.

Teaching Method

Teaching activities consist of lectures, tutorials, educational outings and possibly seminars and special projects.

Classroom lectures are employed for the acquisition of theoretical knowledge through a model-based learning style. They are therefore generally a suggested tool in cases where the participants in the training activity lack cognitive elements with respect to the content covered.

Exercises, whether group or individual, tend to reinforce and stabilize the notions conveyed during the lecture through activities involving practical components aimed at full acquisition of the content.

Professionalizing seminars are part of what is known as integrative teaching, which involves in-depth meetings during which representatives of the business and university worlds are hosted.

Educational outings are an integral part of the training courses designed by Ferrari Fashion School as they enrich, through a variety of cultural and artistic activities held outside the Academy, the students’ overall experience.

Finally, special projects, coordinated by competent teachers and professionals in the field, perform the function of simulating within the Academy an environment that projects students directly into the contemporary corporate world.

Where we are

Ferrari Fashion School is located in Milan, a city long recognized as the capital of fashion, symbolizing excellence in style and design.

The school has its new hub at Via Savona 97 and Via Pestalozzi 4, in the heart of the city’s new Fashion District, currently home to the most important fashion houses and international showrooms, including Armani, Canali, Fendi, Diesel, Elisabetta Franchi, Ermenegildo Zegna, and many others. Right here, a few steps from these extraordinary brands, Ferrari Fashion School carries out its activities, in the district currently considered the stage for the greatest international events associated with fashion.

Via Savona n.97

Inserted into a unique territorial context, in the heart of Milan’s Fashion District, characterized by the presence of numerous activities and companies related to the world of fashion, students can immerse themselves in an environment where events and fashion shows take place throughout the year.

Via Pestalozzi n.4

A few minutes’ walk from the Via Savona location is the Fashion Lab of the Academy, designed to be a space functional to the theoretical-practical activities of the study courses. In this creative laboratory, students can bring their design ideas to life using state-of-the-art equipment and natural lighting.

Via Bolama n.11/3

Covering an area of 4,000 square meters, classrooms equipped with technologically advanced facilities are set up at this location.