Fashion Design


Master – Milan

With the Master in Fashion Design, you will create a complete and highly professional portfolio thanks to in-depth study of research, stylistic and graphic design methodologies for a total look Women’s Collection.

The Course develops starting from the analysis of Brand Identity and marketing as well as that of the competitors, passing through the product research, the study of the card and the coordinated colors, development of the graphic and technical part of the collection, up to the product grid design.

Creating a portfolio following the highest standards required today by Style Offices and Fashion companies and creating a coordinated image between the clothing and/or accessories collection will allow you to present yourself to insiders with an excellent “business card” demonstrating your professional maturity and the technical skills acquired.

Course details:

  • Location: Milan
  • Course Beginning: October
  • Duration: 1 Year

Features of the Master in Fashion Design


  • Minimum age 21 years
  • Possession of a Diploma/Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion obtained in Italy or abroad or documented work experience in the field of fashion

The selection of students admitted to the Master is done with an admission test aimed at identifying the formal qualities and technical-artistic skills possessed by the candidate.

For admission purposes, the student has to demonstrate good drawing and illustration skills, both artistic and technical, as well as culture in the fashion field, technical knowledge of fabrics and materials and graphic tools (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign), as the course program is focused on the design and creation of the collection and the search for the stylistic identity of the Fashion Designer.


The course aims to train or specialize a Professional capable of developing and designing a highly professional and complete Portfolio, to demonstrate the professional maturity and technical skills acquired, and better present themselves on the job market. Having a quality portfolio is very important for the Fashion Designer; consequently, it is essential to take care of the smallest details, showing a clear and recognizable stylistic identity and an ability to analyze the market, trends, and trends that anticipate the needs of the target audience to which the collection is aimed.


The Portfolio is a very important business card for the Fashion Designer: it is the tool that allows him/her to present himself/herself to insiders looking for collaborations or job and career opportunities within Style Offices and Fashion Houses.

Through a well-presented and structured Portfolio, it is possible to immediately define the characteristics that most distinguish the Fashion Designer and his/her style, and allow him/her to quickly focus on his/her technical skills and working methodology. For this reason, often many companies in the sector, during the personnel selection phase, ask to be able to view, together with the CV, and candidate’s portfolio, to assess their suitability to cover the position in the company.


The Master allows the student to specialize and perfect his/her Portfolio to better present himself/herself on the job market and collaborate with important Style Offices and Fashion houses both in Italy and abroad, as a Fashion Designer, Stylist, or Art Director.


  • Image Collection Plan
  • Brainstorming and graphic processing
  • Moodboard Design
  • Competitors analysis
  • Research and Analysis Trend and Trends
  • Color Chart Design
  • Color Coordinated Design
  • Texture
  • Volumes
  • Fabric sampling
  • Research on Materials
  • Textile Design – Graphic Design of Applications, Prints and Embroidery
  • Portfolio Collection Design – Womenswear Collection Plan
  • Product Grid Design
  • Technical design
  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic design Logo, Labels and Packaging
  • Research Methodology
  • Sociology and Marketing
  • Fashion accessories
  • Press Folder
  • Fashion Show
  • Make-Up & Hair
  • Woman Mood


Teachers schedule quarterly verification tests following the progress of the study plan to check the progress of the students in order to help them in case of difficulties or delays in the program.

Once the course program has been successfully completed, the student can access the final exam to obtain the Master Certificate in Fashion Design, which will allow the student to directly enter the job world as highly qualified professional.