At Ferrari Fashion School, students can find offices in charge for welcoming and supporting them.

Support in finding an accommodation

According to each student’s needs, we do our best to support their search for an accommodation. We have agreements with many real estates who offer assistance with everything concerning the transfer, search for accommodation, with the assignment of the utilities, transportation and extra services in order to offer a wide range of solutions, with concessional prices, that can match the student’s needs.

Collegiate Accomodation Collection

Documents for the Visa Application for International Students

Foreign students who need a study visa, can ask for the necessary documents and school certificates once paid the enrolment fee.

It is strongly suggested to enroll at least 6 months in advance to the Course Launch, because the visa release by the Italian Embassy could take some time. In case of need for the study visa, the enrolment fee must be paid 90 days before the beginning of the classes, except for specific cases. On the Admission letter, you can find the deadline for the payment of the enrolment fee.

Necessary documents for the visa application:

  • Enrolment Form as formalty
  • Resume with photo, with details on the study and working path
  • Passport-sized Picture (jpg)
  • Copy of the Tax/Fiscal Code
  • Certificate for the knowledge of the Italian Language (preferably B1, according to CEFR), or assessment interview to verify the skills in understanding and communicate of the prospect

Once in Italy:

  • Copy of the Visa
  • Copy of the Permit of Stay
  • Copy of the Tax/Fiscal Code

In case the visa application is rejected, it will possible to get the enrolment fee refunded. In order to proceed with that, the student must send to the Registration Office the original documents sent for the visa application and a declaration of withdraw from the Course for not obtaining the visa, both signed in original.

Counselling Office

The Enrolment and Counselling Office offers personal Counselling Service. It is in charge of welcoming the students, let them visit the classrooms and laboratories and show all the detailed information regarding the Academy, the Educational Offer, study plans and the process for the Admission and Enrolment. Our Officers will give you a valid support by counselling about the professional outcomes and helping the student choose the fittest study path for her/his personal inclination, interests, personal attitude and career goals.

Ongoing Counselling – Ferrari Academy has a Registration Office, which is always available and open every day from 9 AM to 1 PM in order to satisfy each student’s need.

Outgoing Counselling – According to the requests of all the brands and companies that we collaborate with, we do our best to match job requests and offers.

Registration Office

The School Registration Office plays a main role in managing and running all the documents related to the enrolment practices, offers each student information and everything concerning the welcome, general information about the Academy, about the study plan and school calendar. It is also in charge for sending all the official communications about the School activities, the schedule of the exams, communications between the Teachers and the students, as well as between the Teachers and the School Direction.

Welcome on the Launch of the New Academic Year 

Regarding the educational offer and professional outcomes, we offer a counselling service that is made of many steps. We plan introductive activities to the buildings, the teachers’ board and remaining staff. All the didactic material is delivered and all the study path, including extra activities,  of the whole year is described. We give all the information on when and how the exams will be held. For the international students, further information are given to help issue the application for the permit of stay, the application for the fiscal code and the National Health System.

Internship, stage and placement

Ferrari Fashion School is rooted in the productive ground of the Region of Lombardy, so many brands and companies refers to us when looking for students for internships for many different jobs in the fashion field.

The Placement Office is in charge for keeping all the contacts and relationships with the HR Department in the collaborating companies in order to provide our students with a real help in creating chances for collaboration with important realities, chances for professional growth and career.

Cultural Activities

Thanks to the ongoing collaborations with companies and institutions organizing events, we receive free or reduced-fee credits to provide our students with the chance to participate to many of the most meaningful cultural, extra-didactical and multi-disciplinary activities in the field of Fashion and Design. They include visits to field exhibitions, international contests, as well as visits to companies, meetings with professionals, seminars and workshops related to the world of the art of Fashion and Design.


Ferrari Fashion School issued agreements with bars and restaurants close to our place, so that students can find solutions for their daily meals at concessional prices.

We also issued agreements with shops and supplier for materials, equipment, stationery to make it easier for our students to buy didactic material at concessional prices.


The importance to deepen knowledge, keep up-to-date and keep up with the evolving of Fashion and Design is a main point at Ferrari Fashion School. Since the very beginning about twenty years ago, we have made available to our students and teachers textbooks, encyclopedias, digital and audiovisual material, both Italian and international, and also a collection of the most important magazines dedicated to the field, to which we have annual subscription.

Our patrimony is getting greater and greater to support the students and teachers’ artistic research:

Every year new books, audiovisual materials are bought and subscription are renewed or newly made.

Our catalogue of textbooks and consultable material in the Library is divided in Topics, such as:

  • Fashion Design
  • Pattern-Making
  • Photography
  • History of Costume
  • History of Fashion
  • Arts
  • Textile
  • Historical archive
  • Publishing: magazines
  • Fashion Encyclopedia

In addition to these, due to other agreements, the school provide students with free access to digital archives.