Bachelor of Arts

Fashion Styling
and Communication

Course Details

Location: Milan

Duration: 3 academic years

Start: October 2024

Credits: 360 UK credits – 180 ECTS

Class size: maximum of 15 students

Language: english

Educational Partner: Teesside University

Status: under validation

Become a professional in the industry, capable of designing and coordinating the visual communication for fashion brands and companies.

The Bachelor of Arts with Honours, aims to provide design and methodological knowledge, research skills, graphic and visual design expertise, with a focus on a comprehensive understanding of current fashion trends and the most renowned brands on the international scene. You will have the opportunity to learn from lecturers with strong academic and professional backgrounds, gained in leading companies within the sector. They will guide you in understanding visual strategies and aesthetic principles aligned with current corporate standards, enhancing your aesthetic sensitivity and allowing you to fully express your creative and communicative skills.

Main topics


  • Fashion Styling
  • Visual Communication
  • Trend Analysis and Research

and Presentation

  • Concept Design
  • Shooting
  • Portfolio


  • Fashion Editing
  • Social Communication
  • Visual analysis


  • Copywriting
  • Contemporary Fashion
  • Brand Identity

Discover the Fashion Stylist profession

The Fashion Stylist is a creative and experienced fashion professional whose main role is to design and coordinate the visual image of individuals, models, celebrities, or fashion products for companies. They possess a profound understanding of current fashion trends, various brands, and related stylistic choices.

The essence of their work lies in collaboration with photographers, fashion editors, art directors, and clients to ensure that the creative vision is accurately interpreted and translated into high-quality fashion images. Effective communication, attention to detail, and a developed artistic sensibility are key elements for excelling in this profession. Versatility and creativity are essential for adapting to the specific needs and demands of each project, thereby contributing to the success of the visual communication of fashion houses.

Course features

This course is designed to turn your passion for fashion into a successful career, with a special focus on Fashion Styling. Through a unique approach that combines creativity and design skills and the use of cutting-edge technology, we will guide you step-by-step in creating unique designs aimed at reflecting your distinctive vision in the dynamic world of fashion. During the course, students will immerse themselves in the art of Styling, learning how to combine visual elements in innovative ways to create images that convey an appealing and effective message.

Target audience

The course is designed for individuals seeking to acquire knowledge and skills in visual communication design. It is suitable for those who wish to enhance their creativity and master fundamental techniques for designing and coordinating visual images in the fashion industry.

Educational aim

The goal of the course is to train a highly qualified professional in the field of visual and digital communication, capable of using appropriate languages and tools to anticipate and fulfill client requests through their unique vision of fashion and aesthetic taste. The course aims to ensure a thorough mastery of artistic methods and techniques, along with the acquisition of specific disciplinary and professional skills. This ensures that students gain knowledge in design and expressive methodologies for utilizing representation tools and artistic practices, with a particular focus on fashion.

Admission requirements

Italian Students
  • Upper secondary school diploma or an equivalent qualification obtained abroad, confirming 12 years of schooling.
  • Students whose mother tongue is not English must demonstrate language proficiency equivalent to an IELTS score of at least 5.5. Students lacking language proficiency will receive support prior to the start of the course.
International Students
  • Upper secondary school diploma or an equivalent qualification obtained abroad confirming 12 years of schooling.
  • Official translation of the qualification and transcripts (if not already in Italian or English).
  • Passing the national university entrance examination, if required in the candidate’s country of origin.
  • Students whose mother tongue is not English must demonstrate language proficiency equivalent to an IELTS score of at least 5.5. Students lacking language proficiency will receive support before the start of the course.
  • Residence permit/application for a residence permit to be submitted to the guidance office within 8 working days of arrival in Italy.

For additional and detailed information on entry requirements based on your country of origin, please visit the Teesside University website.

Career prospects

The Bachelor degree in Fashion Styling and Communication can open doors to various career opportunities, including:

Fashion Stylist

In this role, you will shape the visual image by skillfully combining garments, accessories, and makeup. Collaboration with photographers and art directors is key to creating visual stories that reflect the brand.

Celebrities Stylist

As a Celebrities Stylist, your responsibility is to curate the image of public figures through clothing and accessories. Collaborating with agents and stylists ensures that celebrities wear looks reflecting their personalities and adapting to current trends.

Art Director

In this position, you’ll be responsible for the visual vision of creative projects, working closely with designers, photographers, and other creatives to ensure visual harmony. Your guidance will help define the visual identity of a brand or project.

Image Consultant

As an Image Consultant, you’ll provide advice on personal style, fashion, and image. Working with individual or corporate clients, you’ll help improve their appearance, self-esteem, and professional presentation.

Content Creator

As a Content Creator, your role involves creating visual and written content that supports marketing strategies. Your work contributes to building an appealing brand image and engaging audiences across different platforms.

Fashion Editor

Responsible for editing and supervising fashion-related editorial content, you’ll collaborate with writers, photographers, and stylists to create publications that reflect trends and inspire audiences.


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