Fashion Business & Digital Marketing


The Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Business & Digital Marketing, accredited by Teesside University, combines the study of business and marketing, applied to the fashion industry; it provides a complete vision of the fashion system and the role of marketing in the promotion of luxury brands.

The course is delivered in English; the Study Plans range from topics such as fundamentals of business, branding, digital marketing strategies, fashion communication and retail management. You will be taught how to create targeted advertising campaigns, understand the importance of brand positioning, and analyse market data. You will learn to optimize search engines to increase online visibility, successfully manage social media, and leverage e-commerce to sell fashion products.

The Course in Fashion Business and Digital Marketing will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that will enable you to succeed in the fashion industry in an era in which digital plays an increasingly central role. You will be prepared to face the challenges and take advantage of opportunities that arise in the fashion industry, combining innovative marketing strategies with a solid understanding of digital trends.

Bachelor’s Degree:

  • Location: Milan
  • Course beginning: October
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Delivered in: English


The course is dedicated to all the fashion and luxury enthusiasts who want to start a path of professional growth in the field with the aim of working in the retail and management field. The courses are also dedicated to beginners or those starting from scratch.


  • Learn the necessary marketing techniques to support sales in Fashion
  • Learn the most common business patterns in the fashion and luxury field
  • Learn to use the strategic tools of retail management.
  • Define and implement retail strategies for companies in the fashion and luxury field.
  • Support micro and macro level retail strategies for growth in new markets.
  • Obtain ethical responsibility in professional practice in fashion and luxury companies


The professional can work in the following areas:

  • Marketing & Sales support
  • Trade Marketing Specialist
  • Retail Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Retail Buyer
  • Merchandising Manager
  • Distribution Manager


The course duration is 3 years; to get the first level three-year diploma, the student must acquire 180 CFA (training credits), according to the modalities expected by the Teaching Regulation. To enrol to the first level course, it is necessary to have a high-school diploma or another qualification obtained abroad and recognised as suitable.

First Year

ABST47History of Fashion from the 20th Century
ABPR15Customer Experience Design + UX Design
ABPC65Fashion Communication and advertising
ABPR17Fashion System
ABPR34Marketing Strategies and Communication Tools
ABPC67Digital Marketing - Contents
ABPC67Digital Marketing - Contents
ABLE70Fashion Law and Legal Affair
ABLE69Fashion Professions

Second Year

ABST48History of Fashion from the 20th Century
ABPR15Store Concepts & Trends
ABPR16Drawing Techniques and Technologies
ABPC65New Media Strategies for Fashion
ABPR31Photography for the Digital Marketing
ABTEC37Brand & Branding
ABTEC43Digital Marketing - Tools
Interdisciplinary conferences and seminars, extra-curricular projects and productions, stages and internships, participation in international exchanges and projects

Third Year

ABTEC38Digital Marketing - Tools
ABPC65Trend, Cultural Movements, Innovation
ABPR34Fashion Branding & Management
Participation in Extracurricular Activities
Final Exam


Teachers schedule quarterly tests following the progress of the study plan so as to check the progress of the students in order to help them in case of difficulty or delay on the program.

Once the course program has been successfully completed, the students can access the final exam for the diploma of professional qualification in Fashion Business & Retail Manager.