The fascinating encounter between high fashion and the realm of magic comes to life in the extraordinary context of the Winx: the enchanting fairies who dominate the scene with their extraordinary cosmopolitan aura, the pride of the iconic Rainbow brand and the unmistakable Italian style. On the occasion of the eighteenth anniversary of the Winx Club, these captivating creatures made their triumphant entrance at Milan Fashion Week 2022, thanks to a prestigious collaboration with the renowned Ferrari Fashion School.

It was September 23, at the peak of the most glamorous week of the year, that the magnificent spaces of the enchanting fashion academy, located in the heart of Milan’s new Fashion District, saw six haute couture dresses inspired by each fairy unveiled for the first time in front of a selected audience.

Through this bold and ambitious project, the global phenomenon of the Winx Club, now an authentic symbol of pop culture capable of captivating entire generations, reveals itself as a powerful source of inspiration for the new voices that animate the world of fashion. The students of the Ferrari Fashion School demonstrated excellent professionalism and competence, carefully exploring the personalities, styles, and distinctive traits of each of the six heroines, giving life to authentic masterpieces of high fashion. These dresses are characterized by meticulous attention to the selection of materials and careful consideration of details, capable of transporting spectators into the enchanting universe of the Winx Club.

The winners of this competition distinguished themselves within the educational journey, fully capturing the essence and personality of the Winx and translating them into extraordinary dresses with unparalleled magic. Vittorio Alessi and Miriam Pellegrin are the skilled stylists behind the outfits of Tecna, Musa, and Bloom, while Valentina Lacatena, Marika Caramia, and Rosalba Andolfi are the brilliant creators of Aisha’s style. Giada dei Giudici, on the other hand, brought to life the splendid creations of Stella and Flora.

After Milan Fashion Week, on October 20, the most famous fairies from the small screen, the pride of Made in Italy worldwide, landed on the red carpet of the highly anticipated Rome Film Festival, now in its 17th edition. For the first time, the six haute couture dresses inspired by each Winx were showcased, created thanks to the extraordinary collaboration that involved the students of the Ferrari Fashion School, supported by the young twin designers of the Feleppa brand, Francesca and Veronica Feleppa.

To accompany the precious outfits on the red carpet of the Film Festival was the “father” of the Winx himself, Iginio Straffi, who said: “I am truly thrilled to celebrate the first 18 years of my fairies with extraordinary initiatives like this, and with such a united and diverse audience, which has demonstrated year after year the brand’s ability to break down barriers and give voice to the dreams of many. The Winx have managed to fly so far thanks to a global, passionate, and loyal fan community to whom we are immensely grateful and to whom we will dedicate many exciting new things to come.”