3-years course – Milan

The Photography Course with a specialization in Fashion Photography is aimed at training a professional figure who owns a deep expertise in the field of Image and Photography with particular attention to Fashion: an author and an artist, who has the capacity design and creative, associated with an aesthetic sensibility able to use the photographic image as well as video for visual communication. The professional photographer combines the technical and creative skills with particular attention to the perception and communication of lifestyles connected to fashion and still life.

Course details:

  • Location: Milan
  • Course Beginning: October 2022
  • Duration: 3 years


The Photography Course is aimed at training professional photographers with a deep knowledge of techniques, languages ​​and photo materials, starting from scratch of photographic technique.

The course is dedicated to those who are passionate about photography and fashion who want to take a path of professional growth in the sector. The courses are aimed at over people with at least 18 years of age, beginners or starting from scratch.


The educational material, consisting of lecture notes and digital material, is provided for free to all students. In addition, the school will provide the student with the necessary equipment for conducting studio and outdoor shooting activities free of charge. However, the student must have a laptop with the Adobe package (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign) installed and provide himself / herself within the first semester with a personal professional machine.


At the end of the training course, the students can work in the field of photography and fashion: publishing, web, television, photo agencies, post-production, freelance, working as a photographer, specialist in photo publishing, photo styling, art buyer, studio manager, photo editor.


1st Year:

  • Photography I (The basics of photographic techniques and Creative Photography)
  • Introduction to Photography
  • History of Art and Photography I
  • Technical instrumentation
  • Equipment and Accessories
  • Lights and Flash
  • Photo Printing – Photographic Report
  • Digital photography
  • Digital Post Production I (basic and intermediate)
  • Photo Composition
  • Design and Art Direction I
  • Authors analysis
  • Advertising – Advertising and Marketing
  • Photography Shooting: Practical exercises in the studio and on location

2nd Year:

  • Photo II:
  • The photo studio
  • The equipment
  • Lighting technology
  • History of Cinema
  • Fashion Styling I: Visual communication in the Fashion System
  • Ideation and creative ability
  • Storyboard and shooting design
  • Publishing
  • Fashion publishing (Magazine analysis and visual communication)
  • Digital Post Production II
  • Digital Video I:
  • Shooting techniques
  • Editing Techniques (Adobe Première)
  • Design and Art Direction (technical) II
  • Design and Art Direction (fashion) II
  • Photo Shooting: practical exercises in the studio and outdoors

3rd Year: (Focus on Fashion)

  • History of Cinema II (with focus on Fashion Films)
  • Fashion Styling II
  • Photo III (Portfolio Creation)
  • Digital Post Production III
  • Design and Art Direction III
  • Meetings with professionals
  • Graphics – Adobe Illustrator / Basic Level
  • Marketing and Communication for Fashion Photography
  • Fashion Films
  • Practical exercises in the studio and on location


Teachers schedule quarterly tests to follow the progress of the study plan so as to check the progress of the student in order to help in case of difficulties or delays in the program. Once the course program has been successfully completed, the student can access the final exam for the achievement of the Professional Diploma as Fashion Photographer.