Fashion Stylist &

Digital Communication



The Fashion Stylist is a professional specialized in visual communication strategies for Fashion and Luxury world. He proposes ideas and solutions, which turn into real projects, in order to enhance and express the aesthetic line of the brand in all its declinations. 

The Fashion Stylist communicates through images (photos and videos), which find free expression in the editorial, beauty, cinema, musical, entertainment, art and still life worlds. The Fashion Stylist works on the setting and style, by creating worlds and atmospheres through precise aesthetic and stylistic choices the audience in attracted to by means of several channels of communication: photo shootings, video clips, fashion films, ad campaigns, fashion shows, promotional initiatives and sales.

The Fashion Stylist is an expert with excellent networking, problem-solving and team-work skills, able to coordinate the necessary resources and projects for projecting and realizing events for the product and brand promotion and communication, with a special attention to the new media. 

The Fashion Stylist is a professional working on the main editorial tasks in a press office, with a special focus on the creation of ad campaigns, interviews, editorials and other contents. 

With the advent of the social networks and the digital communication, the Fashion Stylist figure evolved, becoming more and more a point of reference for projects not only strictly related to the fashion world, but also to other sectors connected with the luxury (Beauty, Travel, Food & Winery, Jewellery, Automotive, etc..) where he can work both as a Fashion Stylist and as Producer, Art Director e Content Creator.

The Fashion Stylist is able to identify the changes in the fashion trends by observing the collections, translating them in visual language to be conveyed through the Digital Communication, and creating multichannel, effective and appealing communication strategies. 

The Fashion Stylist can work in several sectors among which: Fashion, Editorial, Music, Show Business, Cinema, TV, Theatre, Ad, Retail, Store Design.

Course details:

  • Location: Milan
  • Starting Date: 1st October 2023
  • Duration: 3 years


The course is dedicated to all the fashion lovers over 18 years of age who want to start a path of professional growth in the field. The courses are also dedicated beginners or those starting from scratch.


Through a three-year path, the course provides the students with the artistic culture and knowledge, as well as the technical and creative design methodologies necessary to form a complete and highly-skilled professional figure who, thanks to his creativity and sense of aesthetics, to his good drawing skills and his fashion culture, together with excellent graphic, managerial, and team leader abilities, can coordinate the teamwork the entire communication campaign of a brand or of a Fashion Company.

The main purpose of the course is to train a highly-skilled figure in the Digital and Visual Communication, able to use the adequate tools and languages in order to anticipate and meet the market demand through his vision and sense of aesthetics.


The professional figure can work in the following fields and sectors:

Fashion Stylist

Creative Director

Art Director

Image consultant

Personal Stylist

Wardrobe Consultant

Personal Shopper

Content Creator

Fashion Editor


The course duration is 3 years; to get the first level three-year diploma, the student must acquire 180 CFA (training credits), according to the modalities expected by the Teaching Regulation. To enrol to the first level course, it is necessary to have a high-school diploma or another qualification obtained abroad and recognised as suitable.

First Year

Codice SettoreMateriaCFA
ABST47History of Costume 16
ABST47History of Modern Art4
ABPR15Project Design Methodology 15
ABTEC38Digital Image Processing4
ABPC65Theory and Analysis of Cinema and Audiovisual 14
ABPR19Editorial Graphic Elements 13
ABPR19Graphic Design 13
ABPR34Textile Culture 13
ABPR34Fashion Design 1 - Styling e Image Consultant10
ABPR31Photography 13
ABTEC37Design Methodology of Visual Communication 12
ABAV 6Chromatology 13
ABPC 66History of Photography 13
ABST56Sociology of the Communication

Second Year

Codice SettoreMateriaCFA
ABST47History of Costume 24
ABST47History of Contemporary Art2
ABPR15Project Design Methodology 24
ABPR16Design Technical Drawing3
ABPC65Theory and Analysis of Cinema and Audiovisual 24
ABPC65Phenomenology of Mass Media 13
ABPR19Editorial Graphic Elements 23
ABPR19Graphic Design 24
ABPR34Publishing for Fashion Design3
ABPR34Textile Culture 22
ABPR34Fashion Design 2 - Styling & Visual merchandising10
ABPR31Photography 23
ABTEC37Art Direction 12
ABTEC37Design Methodology of Visual Communication 21
ABLE70Digital Information and Communication Law2
ABAV 6Chromatology 23
ABPC 66History of Photography 23
ABLE69Business Logic and Organization 13
ABLE69Organization of Big Events1
ABST56Sociology of New Media2
ABPR32Processing Techniques for the Costume3
Interdisciplinary conferences and seminars, extra-curricular projects and productions, stages and internships, participation in international exchanges and projects4

Third Year

Codice SettoreMateriaCFA
ABPC65Theory and Analysis of Cinema and Audiovisual 33
ABPC65Phenomenology of Mass Media 23
ABPR19Graphic Design 33
ABPR34Fashion Design 3 - Creative Direction / Production10
ABPR31Photography 33
ABTEC37Art Direction 22
ABTEC37Design Methodology of Visual Communication 32
ABAV 6Chromatology 32
Participation in Extracurricular Activities4
Individual Activities10
Final Exam10


Teachers schedule quarterly verification tests, following the progress of the study plan in order to constantly monitor the students’ performance and be able to help them in case of difficulty or delays in the study program.


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