Master – Milan

Thanks to virtual prototyping, the VIDYA ASSYST 3D program accelerates production times in a fashion company. This solution makes it possible to reduce the prototypes, carry out the garment’s defect without having to package it, select the suitable fabric and accessories, significantly limiting the design and control phases.

During the course the students will learn how to use the virtual fitting program and all the steps to transform a 2D model into 3D, for optimal prototyping.

Through the 3D visualization the students will have to learn to verify the wearability, to check the positioning of the fabric and the proportions of each size.

The course aims to prepare the student for the world of work by carrying out exercises formulated directly on the basis of work performed in clothing companies.

In the course the students are closely followed by the teachers. Each student will have a 3D CAD station with VIDYA ASSYST software.

Course details:

  • Location: Milan
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Registration fee: € 988
  • Annual fee: € 1100
  • Final exam fee: 300 €

The price is 22% VAT included.


To be admitted to the Masters courses, students must be over 21 years of age and be in possession of a Diploma in Pattern Making / Tailoring or other qualifications (or documented work experience) obtained both in Italy and abroad, recognized as suitable and have good knowledge and use of CAD 2D software.

Cad 3D works directly by importing models developed with 2D CAD software, which is why it is essential that the student has a good knowledge and use of 2D CAD software in order to attend the course.

The selection of students admitted to the Masters is made through a motivational interview and an admission test aimed at identifying the formal qualities and technical skills possessed by the candidate.

For those who start from scratch and do not have any knowledge of modeling, it is first necessary to attend both the Modellist course (15 months), and the 2D Master’s Specialization Cad 2D of 50 hours and only then can they access the 3D Master Cad.


The course aims to prepare the student for the world of work, proposing a study program and a teaching methodology aimed at providing an excellent ability to use CAD 3D software for fashion. During the course exercises taken directly from work carried out in clothing companies. During the course, each student will have a 3D CAD Vidya ASSYST workstation.


The 2D Cad modeler can work as an employee at fashion companies and clothing companies that have industrial production.


  • Model construction
  • Changes
  • Development
  • assembling
  • Preparation of materials and parts for simulation
  • Creation and choice of avatars
  • assembling
  • Prototype simulation
  • Verification of the prototype fitting
  • Fixing and modifications
  • Preparation and simulation of the existing model prototype
  • 3D presentation


We carry out quarterly verification tests, following the progress of the study plan so as to constantly monitor the student’s performance and to be able to help him / her in the event of difficulties or delays in the study program.

Once the course program has been successfully completed, the student can enter the final exam to obtain the 3D CAD Modeling Certificate which will allow him to enter the world of work directly as a highly qualified professional.