I T-Shirt Design


Short Course – Milan

Test your talent and design your T-shirt collection! Use your creativity and learn to design graphics and prints, designs and applications for unique and original T-shirts!

The course allows you to create many creative ideas and create your own customized T-shirt!


The course is dedicated to young students or enthusiasts over 16 y.o. who want to test their creativity and take their first steps in the fields of design, graphics and fashion.

Dettagli del corso:

Location: Milan


From July 1st  to 5th  2019

From July 8th  to 12th  2019

Duration: 1 Week

Cost of the course: € 500


The cost includes texts and handouts, the registration fee and 22% VAT.


The t-shirt or simply tee is a piece of clothing made of fabric, without buttons and without collar, which covers the bust of the wearer.

It can be made with long sleeves or short sleeves, in natural fabrics like cotton, or in synthetic fibers. There are plain-colored or multi-colored fancy t-shirts.

Born at the end of the 19th century as a work clothes for sailors and later became part of the uniform of American soldiers in the 1940s, during the 1900s it became one of the most versatile garments used for generations, dressing people of all ages , social class and nation.

Famous actors such as James Dean or Marlon Brando wore the typical white short-sleeved T-shirt over a pair of jeans on the big screen: from that moment on, the t-shirt definitely entered contemporary fashion.

It was in the eighties that the t-shirt established itself as a creative garment and a communicative vehicle through ornamental friezes and writings: the message transmitted through the t-shirts assumed the most disparate and ironic forms and meanings (the first smile appeared on some t-shirt), advertising, political or geographical.

Even today, the T-shirt is a piece of clothing considered the basis of must-haves and the most versatile garment in the wardrobe of each of us.


  • Basics of Design
  • Bases of anatomy
  • History of the T-Shirt: Models and variants
  • Illustration techniques
  • Study of the T-Shirt: technical drawing
  • Color Theory
  • Staining techniques
  • Computer Graphics: Photoshop 1-Base Level
  • Basic Elements of Textile Design: Graphics and Printing
  • Study of materials
  • Moodboard Design
  • Portfolio Collection (Capsules)
  • Prototype realization of 1 T-Shirt chosen by the student