I Fashion & Textile Design


3-year course – Milan

The Fashion & Textile Designer is a complete professional figure with the necessary skills to draw, design and make a fashion collection, whether it’s about clothing, accessories or furniture, with a special attention to fabrics, materials and new technologies.

The Textile Designer is a figure who needs specific skills and know-how to follow each step of the textile manufacturing process, from the creative research, to the collection concept and design, up to the development and final making process by using specific techniques and technologies. He/she must shape and interpret the current trends by creating colour palettes, collections and drawings in line with the market demands.

The professional combines his/her craftmanship skills with the new digital technologies, and is able to develop autonomously the production process as well as to coordinate the manufacturing steps. He/she can characterize a brand image or a whole collection (such as Hermès, Versace, Cavalli, Missoni and Emilio Pucci, just to name a few).

Course details:

  • Location: Milan
  • Starting date: 1st October 2021
  • Duration: 3 years


The course is dedicated to all the fashion lovers over 18 years of age willing to start a path of professional growth in the field. The courses are also open to beginners or students starting from scratch.


The course presents the continuous parallelism between technical and humanistic culture.
The technical culture, daring in technology, but respectful of the past; correct, but advanced in thoughts and processes, is fuelled by visions of passion, and the humanistic culture represents the practice, becoming real. 

The circularity, a short but comprehensive word (circular economy, circular sustainability, fluid sense of the colour, from dark to light, circular and synergic ideas, synesthetic emotions, labyrinthine sign, mapped manufactured product, constantly connected materials,…) ensures that also the most classical teachings, such as History of Fashion, Cinema and Visual Arts, Chromatology, and many others turn upside down, starting from the contemporary moment but critically analysing the iconic myths. 

The culture of “making” inserts materials and experiments, as well as aesthetic pleasantness and creative “provocations”, to optimize industrialization processes and to mix products and techniques.
The furnishings are seen as secondary players, mixing supply chains, subverting the roles and inventing new techniques, where materials are digitalized and the digital techniques find out the human sense.

Another pillar of this course is the customization, the desire to have the students discover their talents.


The duration of the course is triennal. To obtain the first level three-year diploma, the student must have earned 180 CFA (training credits), in accordance with the modalities provided by the teaching system.To enroll to this course is required the secondary school diploma or other certification obtained abroad and recognized as appropriate.

First Year

Codice SettoreMateriaCFA
ABPR15Metodologia della progettazione4
ABPR16Disegno tecnico e progettuale 15
ABST47Storia del costume e della moda 16
ABST47Storia dell'arte moderna4
ABPR34Fashion design 16
ABTEC37Art direction 11
ABTEC43Cinematografia 12
ABPR34Cultura tessile 13
ABPR19Elementi di grafica editoriale 11
ABPR34Design del tessuto ( + maglieria ) 13
ABPR19Graphic design 14
ABPR34Design del tessuto 13
ABTEC37Metodologia progettuale della comunicazione visiva 12
ABST56Sociologia dei nuovi media1
ABAV4Tecniche dei procedimenti di stampa 16
ABST56Sociologia della comunicazione2
ABPR32Tecniche di elaborazione per il costume ( creative Lab ) 12
ABAV6Cromatologia 13
ABPC68Semiotica 2

Second Year

Codice SettoreMateriaCFA
ABPR16Disegno tecnico e progettuale 23
ABPR30Tipologia dei materiali4
ABST47Storia del costume e della moda 24
ABTEC38Elaborazione digitale dell'immagine4
ABST47Storia dell'arte contemporanea 4
ABPR34Fashion design 26
ABTEC43Cinematografia 23
ABPR34Design dell'accessorio 13
ABPR34Cultura tessile 23
ABPR34Design del tessuto 23
ABPR19Graphic design 24
ABTEC37Metodologia progettuale della comunicazione visiva 22
ABAV4Tecniche dei procedimenti di stampa 24
ABPR32Tecniche di elaborazione per il costume ( creative Lab ) 22
ABAV6Cromatologia 23
Conferenze e seminari interdisciplinari, progetti e produzioni extracurriculari, progettazione professionalità, stage e tirocini, partecipazione a scambi e progetti internazionali4

Third Year

Codice SettoreMateriaCFA
ABPR16Disegno tecnico e progettuale 33
ABPR30Cultura dei materiali di moda4
ABTEC38Tecniche e tecnologie della stampa tradizionale e digitale5
ABPR34Fashion design 36
ABTEC37Brand design 21
ABPR34Design dell'accessorio 23
ABPR34Cultura tessile 32
ABPR34Design del tessuto 3 3
ABPR19Graphic design 33
ABLE69Marketing & managment1
ABPR32Tecniche di elaborazione per il costume ( creative Lab ) 32
ABAV6Cromatologia 33
Partecipazioni ad attività extradidattiche4
Attività autonome10
Prova finale10


The Ferrari Fashion School strength is its relationship with companies, both in the textile (not only in the Como district, but also at national and international level) and in the fashion sector (clothes/finished items), by looking for the right matching combination (key method allowing a 100% placement).

For this reason, the Ferrari Fashion School offers to its students the possibility to attend some lessons at the FACTORY, a dedicated lab in Como where access to invaluable technologies, tools and fabric archives. The close relationship with the textile district and the companies of the territory allows the students to work with the most important and prestigious manufacturing realities of the sector, with the possibility to participate in “special” research project and in contests as well as scholarships financed by the companies.

In this moment we see many textile and fashion companies looking for “special” persons, where the word “special” means not only theoretical know-how, but also growth, experience and personal valorisation.


Thanks to the skills learnt in this course, the student can work as Fashion & Textile DesignerTextile Print Designer, Graphic Textile DesignerWoven Fabric Expert or Trend Forecaster. They can work in the many industrial realities of the sector in Italy and abroad, or can work on their own, as freelance consultants.

There are many fields these professional figures can work in: Fashion, Home Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Furniture Design, Cinema, Entertainment, Adv, and many others.


Teachers schedule quarterly verification tests, following the progress of the study plan in order to constantly monitor the students’ performance and be able to help them in case of difficulty or delays in the study program.