Master – Milan

The course aims to train designers and technicians specialized in fashion and luxury accessories, specifically bags and shoes.

The course has a duration of 1 year, during which the student will have the chance to develop her/his own stylistic identity and a personal creative ability, understanding at best the research methodologies and the techniques for designing and realizing the fashion accessory.

Furthermore, she/he will be able to participate to the most important trade fairs (MICAM, MIPEL, LINEA PELLE) and meet professionals, artisans and technicians of the sector, to deepen all aspects of product’s design and production.

Course Details:

  • Location: Milan
  • Course beginning: October 1st 2022
  • Duration: 1 Year


The course is dedicated to people over 18 years old and is also intended for beginners or those with little experience, since our teaching method base the study program on the student’s starting level with individual lessons and personalized path.

There are no admission tests but a motivational interview.

For those who have previous experience in the field and would like to specialize, it is possible to choose the Advanced Formula, which allows them to specialize in a short time.


The study program allows the student to start a path that will lead him to know how to design and develop a Man / Woman collection of shoes, bags and accessories by her/himself, through theorical and practical lessons.


The Fashion Designer specialized in Accessory Design can work on his own as a freelancer or as an employee at companies, Fashion Houses and artisans’ Labs that produce bags, shoes, accessories and small leather goods.


  • History of Footwear and the Bag
  • Commodity: Study of Materials, Leather and Fabrics
  • Mechanics of Accessories: Production Processes
  • Basics of Sketch: Anatomy and Illustration Techniques
  • Rendering Techniques by Hand: Graphic Design Coloring Techniques on Leather, Fabrics and Materials
  • Technical drawing
  • Product details
  • Computer Graphics: Adobe Photoshop
  • Rendering Techniques – Computer Design
  • Printings
  • Personal Capsule Collection
  • Portfolio realization (Paper and digital)
  • Participation in Trade Shows
  • Meeting with Professionals: Designers, Craftsmen, Pattern-makers, Bag, Accessories and Footwear Industry.
  • Visit to Artisans’ Companies and Laboratories


Laboratories and Product Realization (Optional – with a fee)

  • Pattern-making and Prototyping
  • Realization of the sample bag / shoe
  • Shoe customization (Graphic Project and realization in external laboratories)
  • Capsule Collection production
  • Capsule Collection/Product Exhibition during Fashion Events
  • Participation to the Final Fashion Show – Accessories Collection Presentation


all our students are provided for free with the teaching material which includes:

  • Textbooks
  • Lecture notes (paper and digital)
  • Product technical sheets
  • Samples of leather and linings
  • Dimes
  • Bases

The student must bring a personal portable PC with Adobe Photoshop Package already on as well as independently get the stationery material and materials for the graphic realization of the projects and their realization in the Laboratory according to the Instructor’s indication.

The course includes a theorical / practical part in the classroom with mandatory attendance and laboratory activities (optional, with a fee).

The Laboratory activities are optional and allow the student to be able to carry out prototypes, samples or entire collections with the payment of a fee at concessional prices,  working with external artisans’ Laboratories, accredited to the School. The cost of prototyping and production depends on the type of product, the choice of materials and the number of pieces and will be directly agreed between the student and the Laboratory. The best works will then be selected to be presented during Fashion Events and allow the student to collaborate with the designers to participate in the fashion show at the end of the year and present the accessories collection.


Teachers schedule quarterly verification tests following the progress of the study plan to check the progress of the student in order to help him / her in case of difficulties or delays in the program.

Once the course program has been successfully completed, the student can access the final exam to obtain the Accessory Design professional qualification diploma.

An external commission consisting of industry professionals examines the fashion collection designed by the student.

Once presented their work, the student will answer the questions of the examiners and reply any possible objections, proving to have achieved a certain certainty in dealing with the topic technical sheets; the student must illustrate the technical contents of his work and reply any objections from the commissioners, proving of his professional maturity.